Who should come?

The structure of the team you bring to the series will depend on your company size, organization dynamics, and what you hope to achieve from taking part. 

Check out example group structures from teams who attended in the past for inspiration on who to invite to join you.

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Previous attending companies

Suggested group structures

A cross-functional team of managers at the same level seeking alignment across the organisation

 A functional team made up of mixed roles and seniorities who all work together day-to-day

A senior manager bringing along their more junior team to level them up and learn alongside them

Previous attendees


Of teams included a senior leader. They valued structured time to shape and develop their teams.


Of teams included an aspiring manager. This is a great way to invest in future talent 


Average number of attendees from a single company


Largest attendance from a single company

Job titles

Engineering manager

As an engineering manager, you need a different skillset to that of an engineer. And while you gain influence in your organization, you lose the regular feedback loop of writing and deploying code. This is coupled with the new responsibility of line management.

You are not alone in navigating the uncertainty – engineering managers in your own organization are figuring it out too. Bring them to the series to discuss common challenges and overcome them together.

VP and Director of Engineering

Upskilling managers is tough and finding (and sticking to) time dedicated for learning can be tougher. Bring your managers to the series and carve regular time in the calendar to learn from the industry’s top leaders on core challenges of engineering leadership.

You will learn alongside your team, giving you the opportunity to share your own experiences, and uncover unique perspectives from your colleagues on how to move your organization forward. 

Software Developer and Tech Lead

Leadership isn't just about managing people, it's also about how you communicate with your colleagues, influence decisions, and develop yourself.

If you're a software engineer trying to level-up your career and have more impact in your organization, this is the series for you. Invite your manager to join you and your colleagues to learn as a group and set the direction of your team.

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"Really enjoying #LeadDevTogether today and listening to fresh perspectives and reminders on coaching, mentoring and feedback. So valuable to be able to break out into a room with our own team and talk about the content in the moment."

simon Young

Software Engineering & Architecture DirectoR • lego group

"I've been a technical manager for 8+ years and I wish I joined LeadDev when I was just starting out. LeadDev Together creates a virtual space where relevant and impactful content can both propel your growth as a technical leader and help you build stronger relationships with your fellow engineering managers."

Thomas Peng

Data Engineering Manager • Zapier

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