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What is LeadDev Together?

LeadDev Together is a multi-part event series addressing engineering leadership’s most fundamental challenges, hosted by the industry’s top technology leaders. Each session features talks, panels, personal reflections, and discussion time within teams.

The series gives leadership teams a chance to spend some dedicated time together to level up personal development as well as moving the tech team forward. The LeadDev Together campaign starts in July and the series runs from October to December 2021.

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Sponsorship opportunities

We have an exclusive opportunity to be the headline sponsor for the series, providing maximum exposure to the community.

We are offering a limited number of partnerships for this series, each with lead generation and sector exclusivity.

What does sponsorship look like?

Our partners have a lot to gain from being part of LeadDev Together, including branding as part of all promotional material and displayed at every event.

Increase brand exposure to a wide audience of   1,000 + engineering leaders

Generate hundreds of high quality leads with swag bags and giveaways

Position yourself as an industry leader by sharing valuable content

Stand out from the competition with sector exclusivity

Create multiple advocates for your product by connecting with teams

Who is the audience?

Previous attendees have included Engineering Managers, VP and Directors of Engineering, Software Developers, and Tech Leads.

33% of teams included a senior leader. They valued structured time to shape and develop their teams.

On average 5 people attend from a single company

The largest number to attend from a single company is 95

Would you like to be part of LeadDev Together?

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What our past attendees say

"Really enjoying #LeadDevTogether 

and listening to fresh perspectives and reminders on coaching, mentoring and feedback. So valuable to be able to break out into a room with our own team and talk about the content in the moment."



"I've been a technical manager for 8+ years and I wish I joined LeadDev when I was just starting out. LeadDev Together creates a virtual space where relevant and impactful content can both propel your growth as a technical leader and help you build stronger relationships with your fellow engineering managers."



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