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LeadDev Together is a group development course hosted by the industry’s top technology leaders. Focusing on fundamental leadership skills, the course is designed for groups of leaders from the same company. 

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This is an all new series following on from 2021. Continue your group learning journey with sessions that will help you progress as a team. 


Onboarding and retention 

This session focused on building an effective onboarding process with frameworks for success, strategies for growth and best practices for fostering an environment for self-growth.


Growing teams sustainably 

Following onboarding and retention, we will look at how to grow sustainable teams with proven coaching and mentoring techniques and tips.


Building team culture

We explored the importance of team culture and how to articulate it by identifying culture type, creating policy, and communicating effectively. 


Articulating strategy

This time we will explore how to effectively communicate strategy to your team and the wider organization to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Progression, salary, promotions

This session gave us the tools to create a thoughtful, equitable promotion process with best practices, effective advice, and guidelines for growth.


Addressing underperformance

As a leader, it's crucial to address underperformance as soon as possible to prevent any lasting damage. This session will help to set out a plan of action to help you manage it effectively. 


Creating stability for teams

Proving a stable environment for teams involves long term planning and adjusting, effective communication, and strategy for alignment when plans change. 


Managing up and influencing

Negotiating with your boss is a skill that has to be developed with practice. When done right it will make life easier for your boss, your team and you.


Measuring success

How success is measured is an integral part of team development. It's crucial to understand the fundamentals of engineering metrics, develop solid guidelines and learn how to implement and drive value from them. 


Collaborating cross-functionally

Cross-functional collaboration can be leveraged to break silos, spark innovation, and boost productivity. This session will cover the best practices to improve cross-functional team communication. 

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