Change doesn't happen alone

Change doesn't 

happen alone

Join us for a six-part event 

series addressing engineering leadership’s most fundamental challenges

Join us for a six-part event series addressing engineering leadership’s most fundamental challenges

April 13 – June 22, 2021
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Being an effective engineering leader is hard.

Learning new ideas is great but turning them into reality is difficult. LeadDev Together brings you structured content to spark ideas and dedicated time with your team to align your thinking. Equipping you with the tools to make change.

6 sessions over 12 weeks

LeadDev Together is a six-part event series hosted by the industry’s top technology leaders. Each session features talks, panels, personal reflections, and discussion time with your team.

The dedicated time with your colleagues helps you level up your own personal development as well as moving your tech team forward.

Developing your team
Building Motivation
Difficult conversations
Defining & Refining Processes
Measuring success
Personal development

Meet your hosts

Anjuan Simmons

Engineering Coach

Help Scout

Lara Hogan



Pat Kua

Seasoned Tech Leader

Camille Fournier


Erica Stanley

Director of Engineering


Smruti Patel

Engineering Manager


Meri Williams



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"Really enjoying #LeadDevTogether today and listening to fresh perspectives and reminders on coaching, mentoring and feedback. So valuable to be able to break out into a room with our own team and talk about the content in the moment."

simon Young

Software Engineering & Architecture DirectoR • lego group

"I've been a technical manager for 8+ years and I wish I joined LeadDev when I was just starting out. LeadDev Together creates a virtual space where relevant and impactful content can both propel your growth as a technical leader and help you build stronger relationships with your fellow engineering managers."

Thomas Peng

Data Engineering Manager • Zapier

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