Group Leaders

We understand that everyone's time is precious and it’s not always easy to get a group of people together for hours at a time. That’s why it’s essential to assign a team leader in your group to help everyone attending to get ready for the next LeadDev Together.

Group leader checklist

The Role

As a group leader, you will be responsible for managing your group to make sure you all get the best experience possible from LeadDev Together. This will include deciding where your group meets, letting them know what is expected of them, and making sure group discussion is facilitated.

Who should be a group leader?

How you choose your group leader is totally up to you. 

Take a vote, ask for a volunteer, or assign someone based on their role in your organization. Just remember the leader will be responsible for communicating instructions to the team. 

Group Leader Checklist

Here is our handy checklist for group leaders to action before the first LeadDev Together session.

Decide how and where your group will meet 

The course can be attended virtually over your team’s video platform or in person. This should be decided and facilitated by your team – LeadDev does not host or arrange either the virtual or the in-person spaces. If meeting in person, consider local COVID restrictions and whether individuals are comfortable getting back together.

There are two showings available per session. Decide which works better for your team to attend. There's no need to book, just arrive at the start of the showing of your choice.

Send meeting invites to your group

Making sure your team has time blocked out in their diary will help them to plan their work around it and receive reminders of the event ahead of time.

Arrange a recurring video call

Choose your preferred platform and arrange a recurring meeting to let your team know which platform you intend to use ahead of time. Make sure it is for the full duration of the session to make ring-fencing the time easier.

Book a meeting room if you're meeting in person

Book a meeting space that's comfortable and quiet if you're meeting face-to-face. Add the venue to the calendar so the team knows where you will be meeting to watch the course together.

Inform the group what will be expected of them

LeadDev Together is different to other online training courses in that there is specific time dedicated to group discussion, it’s crucial to let your team know this ahead of time so they can come prepared.

Schedule reminders so the group know the event is coming up

Each session is two weeks apart so your team will need a gentle nudge to remind them that the next session is coming up. 

Arrange a process for group discussion and assign roles

As a group leader, you will probably already know what works best for your team. But it may be helpful to assign group roles and responsibilities and outline rules for group discussion so that everybody can have their say. This may be in the form of 5 minutes of quiet time to write down ideas, leading onto discussion time.

Roles to assign are facilitator, note-taker, and timekeeper for each session.

Organize follow-up meetings or discussions to go through homework

We recommend going through the homework whilst the course is still fresh in your team's minds. Depending on how much time your team can spare, an hour meeting a couple of days after each session would be ideal. After the second showing of each session, you will receive an email with extra resources and an overview of the homework to remind you.

Follow-up with anyone who did not attend and make sure they are available for other sessions

There may be instances when all of your team may not be able to attend. It’s important to update absent team members on all they have missed. Videos and resources will be available on the course website to help you with this. 

Any questions?

Send a message in the #help-desk channel of the LeadDev Slack Workspace or email us [email protected].

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